Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals is one of the more exciting teams in Major League Baseball. As they look towards their first playoff appearance in team history, I expect a lot of excitement for this team and what they could do in their second season in the division. With the addition of Alexi Yashin, they have added a much-needed spark to their pitching rotation, as well as the depth at other positions. With the notable additions of James Shields and Alcides Escobar, this team looks as though they will contend for the AL Central division for next season and beyond.


Kansas City Royals

The club has a ton of young talent, which has enabled them to acquire some quality players via trade and free agency. Guys such as outfielder Nick Johnson, second base prospect Jarrod Dyson, and relievers James Shields and Francisco Montero give this team a nice balance of young talent and seasoned experience. It seems that this team is on the verge of taking off, and with the promising seasons of young hitters such as Rougned Odor and Alexi Johnson, it looks like the club will be competitive Kansas City Royals vs Cleveland Indians tickets for the rest of the season. If the club can get over the injury bug, they’ll have a nice core in place for years to come. It also helps that manager Lou Piniella loves his team and he’s a great motivator.

As the Royals prepare to host the Colorado Rockies in what should be a very good series, I’m expecting a lot of excitement and action from the fans in attendance. I’m also expecting a big game for Phillies vs Braves tickets in the AL West, that isn’t all that close in talent. This game promises to be a high-quality affair and one that the Kansas City Royals should be able to win. It also means that the wild-card game will be a do-it-all contest between the AL East contenders and the AL West champions. This will be an interesting season for the Kansas City Royals. They have enough talent to challenge for the playoffs and have enough flaws that they need to find a way to compete until the end.


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