What Does the Integration Architecture Designer Certification Mean?


As an Integration Architecture Designer working with Salesforce, you are trained to identify business problems and develop a comprehensive solution to these problems through architecture. When candidates are interviewed about their knowledge of sales and customer service, it is the Integration Architect’s job to show how they can better serve their client by creating an integrated environment that meets both company and customer needs. Integration architecture training offers candidates a thorough understanding of the integration process, including support and troubleshooting, from the design planning stages to implementation. Candidates in this field should have solid technical skills, as well as creative and business skill sets to ensure clients get the value out of their sales and marketing budgets.

Salesforce Certified Integration Architect training ensures candidates have the ability to think critically about problem solving, as well as demonstrate their abilities with a portfolio of past projects. Passing the certification exam requires applicants to demonstrate they can create, customize, and implement integrated software applications. Candidates who successfully complete the certification exam should have the ability to interact with a wide variety of customers, while demonstrating knowledge of both product and business models. Candidates must also possess strong communication skills, exhibit excellence in customer service, work well with other professionals, possess a good understanding of payroll systems, and understand technical issues ranging from payroll processing to integration architecture and reporting.

Candidates who successfully complete the salesforce integration architecture designer exam can expect to find a high paying position in sales or in a technical department within a large corporation. Passing the certification test shows potential employers that a candidate has received special certification, gives them a competitive edge when applying for a job, and demonstrates their commitment to excellence and accuracy. Candidates who successfully pass the certification exam will have the opportunity to work for one of the largest software companies in the world. Candidates who successfully complete the certification will receive a number of benefits including a high starting salary and benefits package.

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