Why Did China Launch 6G Satellite Into Orbit?


A China launched six satellites into orbit on its own. This comes as a surprise, considering that China had only one satellite in orbit at the time of the launch. This is very alarming for US aerospace experts. Such capability will allow China to control not only the satellites that it launches into orbit, but also the GPS signals that it collects.

The Global Positioning System or the GPS will be harder for China to copy and therefore may take years before it learns how to do so. The US is well ahead in the technology that it has, so China could easily copy GPS, and even the signals that it gathers to improve on the technology. It’s a scary thought that we may soon see China with a spy satellite above our heads. And we have no idea what that will do.

Will China use this satellite to spy on US military installations? If one is installed in a war-front, it means that China will be watching over American bases all over the world. Will China then install more satellites and thus extend its sphere of influence? All of these questions still need to be answered, and one has to wonder if such a move would violate UN resolutions. We’ve also got to consider if such a move would raise the costs of all US, allied nations because any country that has satellite installation installed on its territory is technically in violation of those resolutions. Indeed, this is a very serious issue that needs to be addressed, so why don’t we get a team of scientists to look into this problem once and for all?

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